Biological Waste Treatment

biological waste treatment

We have used biomass energy, or “bioenergy”—the energy from plants and plant-derived materials—since people began burning wood to cook food and keep warm. Wood is still the largest biomass energy resource today, but other sources of biomass can also be used. These include food crops, grassy and woody plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, oil-rich algae, and the organic component of municipal, kitchen waste and industrial wastes. Even the fumes from landfills (which are methane, the main component in natural gas) can be used as a biomass energy source. Today technologies are available through biomass can be used as a fuel, for power production and other products that would otherwise be made from fossil fuels.

We design Biological Waste treatment system for domestic as well as industrial purposes. If you would like us to design your system click here, we will send you an approximate estimation of cost and amount of fuel generation possible.